Poems of Jean Rojas



my Lord speaks through
those that do not have voices
He sees through those
who do not have eyes
He needs no words to convey
His meaning
He is all music and movements
and mathematical equations
mercy tempered with justice
that is what He is
passion and compassion
reigning in His heart
His beauty is indescribable
He is the dark matter that
holds the universe in place,
though unseen
the stars and moons and suns
and planets
give homage to the One
who made us all
And ,though we do not
hear His voice
we feel him everyday
and everywhere
through Mother Nature
through the love
that bears His grace
through His spirit
that lives among the innocents
and the light from the sun
that shines on all our faces

my Lord speaketh and I hear
not through my ears
but through my mind
in His gentle telepathy
of faith and peace
and His wonders
that never cease.

For: my Lord Jesus Christ
29 May, 2011



Celestial gardener

Grower of the seeds

Of spiritual flowers

Multi-colored scents

Of restful souls…

You plant on clouds, graciously

The stems and leaves

Swaying in the air

You hold lives in

Your gentle hands

In a little corner in heaven

Where the Almighty has

Assigned to you

To tend His garden

Of everlasting life

There is an immortal

Glow in your eyes

As you nurture these

Cosmic trees in

The hallway on high

No more sadness for you now,

No more painful tears

Or regrets

You have passed on to another form

Where sinister shadows do not exist

And darkness is defeated

By the white of the light

Rest easy now sweet gardener

And spread all your love and kindness

In the eternal garden called “heaven”


For: Francois Jeanne

05 August, 2009


(Francois Jeanne was a gentle man who stood 6'4" tall when he was alive.Unfortunately,

he was viciously and savagely murdered by his wife and her lover.He was a quiet man

who was totally submissive to his diminutive and brutal wife.They had a daughter whom

she took from him and made an insurance if she needed money or food or a place to stay.

Francois took all of his wife's abuses with a lonely heart .When she fought with him,she would hurt

him physically and he never fought back or even utter a word of protest.Few men are as kind and tender

as he was.He did not deserve to die the way he did.)



With Head Held High

The night wore off
its darkly mask
anticipating the birth of day
Sunlight pouring forth
in grasses green
to highlight grave markers, serene
There in the silence
of spaces vast
the dead, their shadows cast
The cold metal barrel fired
triggered the heart
a loss of life, impart

What has caused you
this great sorrow
filled the eyes with tears
to borrow
They hurdled upon you
this grime and grame
to blacken your good name
yet, who of us has no blame
the stones they throw give them shame
In the end there is but one
who will judge us all
in the eternal heaven's hall

Sleep you well,
My sad ,sweet friend
though now it seems
you have no happy end
you shall rise again
with head held high
in the great beyond
of the after life
there be free of
all your earthly strife....

For: Angelo T.Reyes ( 1945-2011)
(former AFP Chief of Staff,
DILG Secretary,DENR Secretary
and DOE Secretary)

10 February, 2011

Secretary Angelo Reyes was a gentleman who showed nothing but the utmost kindness to one of my children.
For that, he earned my respect and affection in spite of all the controversies surrounding him during the last
weeks of his life. Nothing can diminish him in my eyes.
City of Cavite
11 February, 2011


I cast my eyes
upon your eyes..
like white precious pearls
they are
with the blue of the sea
and the sky intermingling
I am held prisoner
by the lure of your gaze
that speak dearly
of poetry and romance
of passionate calmness ,

Volumes of sacred scriptures
incomparable words of praise
and delight
are all contained in your eyes
whose expressions convey
forth thousands upon thousands
of hidden meanings of sensuality
giving an exquisite voice
to your glances....
putting life into glorious romances
astonishing wonderment unheard

There are stories told by
your eyes and your eyes alone
may convey
What I have best longed for
on this earthly planet...
the existence of true love
not only in the heart
but mostly in the soul

I am content to look
into those eyes of yours
and swim in its pool
of amorous desires
wallowing in the sweetest
and the fairest of dreams
Nowhere else would I
ever want to be..
but in your eyes..
and in your eyes alone...

For:Henry Cavill
23 January, 2011



Sky Lord,

Airborne, you are without equal

Unsurpassed in your ballet of the sky

Cloud dancing, rainbow colored hues

In this, you have paid your dues..


Born with a poet�s face

And a mind that raced in numbers

You walked tall among men

In riches degenerating into rags..

What began of dashing beauty

Became a scourge of grotesque pain�


Aviator, with your broken bones

Break their hearts

In the mystery of your misery

Compensate what you lack

holding intimacies in your hands

Merge their bodies with empty promises

And the poison of the loss

Of your genius

with the disintegration of your sanity


Repeatedly in circles

You repeat your words

A hundred times

Sans grace of rhymes

Paper airplanes torn in shreds

Lie wasted in the grime

Of deathly dust

Like germs permeating

On blackened windows

Walls that hear your wails

And tales of woes


In the end you�ve lost all reason

In the sadness of your gloom

Many men have spelled your doom

Like an outcast in the desert

You were but an empty shell

No one there to care for you

Though they all gave in to you..

Silent tears deprived the laughter

In the midst of all the fame,

And all the fortune

You have died a lonely and

Neglected man


But, you are up the skies now

And I can just see you smile

Waving like a shy schoolboy.......

with delicate delight in your eyes,

Maybe there, in your spiritual might

You shall be free at last

For airborne, you are without equal

Like a true conqueror of the constellation

You shall sleep in an eternal sleep

Where all but peace shall stay awake

In your heart that is already mended


For: Howard Robard Hughes Jr.

08 September, 2009


 (When the name Howard Hughes is spoken, a picture of an unkempt old man, severely underweight with long hair and rotting teeth  comes to mind.It is an image that persists to this day.But it wasnt always like that. In the beginning he was a handsome young man,heir to his father's millions in the drill bit tool, an excellent aviator and engineer, an astute businessman and a famous movie producer.He was a man of immense vision. His slow descent into madness came much later and many of his aides took advantage of this fact to rob him of millions. To get a bird's eye view of Howard Hughes before the downfall, please click on the links below:







Pieces of the shadows

Of the dying sun

Lie on the face of

The ever-moving sea

Tinting water with

Its orange hue

Rippling figures in

Shades of green and blue


Darkness hides

With unknown fear

But living legends

Live on a spear

Bravely facing enemies

Unseen and unheard

A deafening blast

Took its toll

And found its mark

But she lives….

Spilling blood

On  turbulent soil…

Temperatures rise with

Fists, to a boil…


I only see

The light in her eyes

Feel her passions

Like the fragrant breath

Of the willowed wind

Know her courage shall sustain

Her country on the run

In ruins, underneath the sun…


She is Pakistan’s muse

And she lives…

Her legend cries to be told

From far and near

It shall be heard….

Echoes of her voice

Casting shadows by the sea

She will persist

And none can resist

For then, we will know

That she will not go

Deep in our hearts

She will thrive

And survive

For legends like her

Shall always be alive….


She is  Pakistan’s muse

Her name is like a prayer

Say it softly and it soothes

Whisper loudly

And it moves

Like the pieces of the shadows

Of the sun

On the face of the ever-moving sea…



For Benazir Bhutto


31 December, 2007






Save me from this conflagration-

Strangers' desires make people

Do foolish things…

I want to fall in love

I always knew I want

To fall in love,

With you….


Capture me with your eyes

Make me dream of those lies

You are real

But you are not my reality

Yet, you spark rapture in my soul

I always knew I will love

Someone like you


From distant lands we both exist

Spaces can kill,

And so they say,

But images can thrill

And memories can fill,

 your uncommonly beautiful face,

I kiss in my mind…

The sound of your voice

That deep, soothing

Masculine baritone,

Unforgettably instilled

In satin velvet

Benignly sensual

Rocking me forth to sleep,

In a slumber of

Unfulfilled fantasies

Unrequited realities

On my own…


I always dreamed I will

Love someone like you…



For: Chris Isaak

01 October, 2007




flutter by
oh butterfly!
spread those wings,
go fly
into the mid-morning sun..
there your inner beauty
can not help
but truly shine

out of this world
into the silence of space
align your soul
with the passion
of your young life
you are now free of any strife.

promise me a kiss,
in your spiritual bliss
may you not forget
those who loved you
without regret
who now are grieving
upon your leaving...

in life, you have graced us
with the beauty of your face
we did not always understand...
at times we sneered
and we jeered
at times we clapped and cheered

but one thing's certain
you gave us cause
to stop and turn
you made us laugh and wonder
you made our thoughts wander

rest gently now
sweet butterfly
your sorrows are
no longer your sadness
we shall remember
this undying ember
the day you were born
in November

sleep in your dreams
peace in you ,gleams
your eyes will never close
into our hearts
always remain close......

(also inspired by Larry Birkhead)

10 February, 2007


In wolf’s lair,

Will you be?

There to meet me

and greet me

With salutations free

I can see your eyes now

soften with sadness, somehow

But then,

Like the howl of the wind

There you stand,

without fear

You reach for a hand

You will not fail this time

For here your future

Awaits you,

In wolf’s lair,

The glory of your dignity


Morning’s child

And poet’s rhyme,

Etched on your face

The contours of your grace

aristocrat  born

With kisses mourn

The passing of life

Your only destiny


Beautiful man of the ages

Beautiful passion of the sages

You who threw  your courage

In wolf’s lair,at the villain’s outrage


You have won in your defeat

Carried the burden of this feat

Neither the moon in its dark haze

Can forget the intensity of your gaze


Lay your weary mind now,

In wolf’s lair, the cry  has sounded

 glasses wildly strewn

Across the earth’s floor,broken

The valkyrie have chosen

Your name they have spoken



You will fight with reason

You, a hero for all season

 vaguely a whisper in December

born in sweet November,

dying in July,

On your lips was a cry

Long live

Long live

Forever you shall live

Like the waves in the sea

Like the leaves of a tree

Everlasting in your sleep,

There, the hero will no longer weep


Will you meet me ?

One last time,

In wolf’s lair, the valkyries’ nests

Gently smile upon this solemn memory

That shall forever nurture

And grow in love,

It can never die

And you will  never die,

One last look my hero ,before you go

Into the sky,

Into spirits high

Mark my soul with the breath of your

Silent song,

Pictures of your face

Give me strength to grow

And to glow…

You will always be….

My hero

You will always be,

My love….



          12 February, 2007 



On their faces are three hands
altogether telling the hours,
minutes and seconds that pass by
amidst this all
are your smiling eyes
expressively inviting..

from where you are and
where i am.....,
it's just a stone's throw away
i look but not look
yet i see and i desire...

you belong to someone else
but no one can stop me
from dreaming....
and in the dark solitude
of my room
i say your name with a
thousand fluttering sighs

i imagine how tightly
your gentle but sturdy arms
would hold me

i visualize your wondrous kiss
that will linger on my lips
for days and days to come....

this fascination leaves me breathless....
but i take control,
and keep it contained...

- for i know i am alone 
in my feelings-

and i have no way to tell you
unless you read my
passionate words...

that your being is already
tattooed technicolorly 
in my mind

and all i want is to thank you
for making this tired, old heart
beat again.......

For: R.F.
30 May, 2015/ City of Cavite

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