Poems of Jean Rojas



when the time comes
that time is no more
and the union of body
to soul ,no longer a lore,
then heaven's door
is nearer the earth's floor
and stars align with planets
like the lines of a sonnet
And You shall be resurrected
with all Your glory ascended
upon the heavens, descended
here to fill us with rapture
our spirits in Your hands, capture

My God, My gracious Lord
we herald Your second coming
In triumph, Your face a-beaming
seeing You when trumpets sound
the judgment call, I ask
where will I be my Lord?
where will you take me?
for the love I feel
no words could ever make real
only my mind talks
and You understand
here I kneel
where you stand

My Lord
cleanse me of sins past
bring me to Your kingdom
at last....
for I have always known
the unknown
and love You from afar
I stake no claim
on reason or rhyme
I believe
without the benefit of sight
I don't know where it comes from
it is beyond my comprehension
So when You walk upon
this earth once more
take me in Your arms ,
then time ceases to be
and You are all I see

For: Our Lord Jesus Christ
14 February, 2011

About Me

My son Dino Bernardo Rojas Corpus
(September 10,1983- November 25,2016)

December 11, 2016 --MY SON,MY HERO! November 24,2016 ( Thursday) , will forever be a sad and tragic reminder of the day I lost my beloved son Dino Bernardo Rojas Corpus. He passed away the following day due to massive brain injuries but Nov.24,2016 was the day he met the terrible accident that cost him his life.He chose to save 3 children instead of his own.While still living,he told his wife Donna that he could not bear to take the life of a child.So when the 3 kids suddenly crossed that dark highway in Noveleta at 6:20pm,unsupervised by any adults,he did his utmost best to veer away from them so as not to kill them.Unfortunately his fall from his motorcycle was so bad and we could not save him anymore despite our best efforts.My son was no saint.He definitely had his faults and shortcomings.BUT TO ME, HE IS A HERO.IM PROUD OF YOU MY SON.I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.REST IN PEACE NOW.YOU LIVE INSIDE MY HEART.

( Dino's Guitar Solo)

In a dark and dreary November eve,
the drizzle wet the
lonely pavement,
unlit by any form
of light or life,
you left me...
with not a word of goodbye

Like a balloon about to
fly from my grasp,
I ran as fast as I could
to get you back...
(and we all did)
but you were gone
from our midst
in a day...

I did not know the pain
 would be this immense
I did not think 
I will survive your loss,
yet you showed me
by your absence
that, move on, I must..
and the love in your soul,
is more prominent
now, more than ever..
you are happy where you are
at peace, in your heavenly abode
your affection is far stronger
than ever before
when physically 
we are disconnected
forever in this lifetime...

So let me say to you,
beloved son...
that you now live
inside my heart.. 
and as I live
in this worldly existence,
so shall you live
inside of me.

See you again, someday
if God allows,
I wait for that heavenly
embrace that will connect us
For now my son,
just spread your wings
and soar high
upon the blue serene sky..
I love you for all times
I love you without time
I long to hear your
guitar solo once more..

For: Dino Bernardo Rojas Corpus
08 April, 2019